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EarthLink is an American Internet service provider.

Alyshia of New Richmond, WI wrote a review for CUSTOMER AFFAIRS describing Earthlink as "This company is the worst", she added: "I NEVER write reviews but this one needs to be written. I called on 8/6/20 to just inquire about services. Signed up. I was then double charged for $79.95 and then charged $4.40. I was also told my monthly bill would be $66.95 but get this I was literally invoiced for $84.65/month on 8/7 and my bill was due 9/6. I don’t even have service with them. They signed me up for autopay, which I didn’t agree to and said I wouldn’t be to my new place until September 1, 2020, and they already decided to schedule the installation on Monday 8/11 when I don’t even live there yet and I had told 4 different people I won’t be there till September 1, 2020. The guy I talked to on 8/6 said I’d receive a call to the scheduled date. NEVER got a call but got an email at 2:32 am on 8/8/20 stating when they’d be to my new resident."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It's sad the direction this company has taken purchased entities. The customers feel the constant lack of direction, support and services and it is not any better for the employees. Too much time spend on reports that are inaccurate only concentrating on tasks related to Capital. Not upkeep/not repair/not good."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Working here is like watching an episode of Game of Thrones. You don't want to get attached to anyone because you know anyone can be gone any day. It doesn't really matter how long you've been here or how good you are at your job. fifteen year veterans were let go and replaced with temp employees. People who openly lie are promoted, Human Resources is a joke and most reps quit as quickly as they started. Systems are all outdated and never work. Production would be increased by at least 100% if they had systems and programs that worked more often than they were broken. IT was eradicated and moved to India. They make terrible investment mistakes, and ever since the company went public, it has been a circle of the drain that started out slow, but is now rapidly speeding up. There is no communication between management structures and employees. The "core values" feel like something that was cut and pasted inspirational posters you would find in a doctor's waiting room. Basically, this place is a farce. I've never seen anything so close to "Office Space" in my entire life. I've worked for other companies and enjoyed myself for far less money, and far fewer benefits due to the openness, honesty, and sincerity of the company. Leaving those businesses to come here was a big mistake and will be corrected."


"they do not care about the customer experience nor the employee"

Former Employee - Account Director II says

"CEO fired everyone else for the job he could not do. Missing the big picture of changing from low cost commodity telephone company to a high value IP services company."


"low salary, don't give the power to their employees"

Former Employee - Technical Support Engineer says

"- doesn't keep promises. - no appreciation - promot and raise the known/relative employee only"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Long work hours, could be fired like it's nothing, extremely difficult to get a day off, too much pressure, management completely isolated."

Former Employee - Capacity Manager says

"Purchased by wind stream company from hell"

Sales Consultant says

"Unhappy customers. Very tough place to succeed at. Too much turnover at the management level."


"very fragmented department with scarce direction"

Advanced Services Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Earthlink wasn’t bad, but they were bought by Windstream and are no more. Windstream took over, essentially has done mass lay offs, bankruptcy etc and is a slowly sinking ship."

Shipping and Receiving Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Need more improvement but if you need a job they good to wrok for. People there are very nice and don't mine helping you. But they need more help on organize"

Outside Operations Field Technician (Former Employee) says

"I loved working for this company until EarthLink bought out One Communications and they decided to do away with all Field Operations and went with contractors."

Supervisor of Carrier Service Implementation-SD (Former Employee) says

"There was several transitions and mergers. The moral within the company was low and there was constant layoffs. The pay was very low and room for growth was lacking."

Trouble Resolution Technician II (Current Employee) says

"Everyday, from one day to the next is a struggle, no one knows what the right policy to implement is at any given time. This company is to big! too many loose ends, to many variable to get them all under proper control. Everyone is just there to get a paycheck while riding off the generosity of the business they claim to support.Free coffee, all you can drink.Lies, empty promises and a lot of smoke and mirrors"

Enterprise Technician (Current Employee) says

"Management / supervisors were only out for themselves at this placed of business. Very cut throat and back stabbing work environment.people non ManagementManagement"

Customer Service Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Pay low for technical support unorganized, janitors didnt clean and processes were always changing. Part of the west telemarketing projectLearning different OSLow pay very stressful"

Premier Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"This company does not care about their employees they are only interested in making the dollars."

Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company has failed everything it has tried. New oss failure, new managed services failed, new leadership failed. They lost more than 200 million in the first quarter and have lost most of their value. The sell flags of major traders have come and gone. If they intend to turn this around they better start right now! To all who may think that this is a great company you must not have any stock options. The old school idiots from delta com and various other failed companys have dragged this company to the brink of disaster. Step away from this company and work for almost anyone else. Next year may very well be the end for the Massachusetts holdings.This company may be aquired next year.Management, telco"

Major Channel Manager (Current Employee) says

"Fast pace, sales, working and developing channel partner program."

Sales Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I am a current employee and have watched this place lay people off that they hired 6 weeks ago! Management has NO idea what they are doing, no one communicates, I watched 180 get laid off one week ago, many of which were hired within the last three months! Some people were let go just for rubbing certain managers the wrong way, its pathetic. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT work here, you WILL regret it!lose your job after 6 weeks bcause management is run by morons"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Customer Service, Maintains Customer Records. Resolving Product or Service Problems. Management not helpful. Co-workers great.working with friendsshipped jobs over seas"

Senior Branch Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"If these are the values you are looking for this is not the place. Regional culture varies; however, the overall culture is non sustainable for anyone to can work as hard as you wantwork / life balance low, compensation below standard"

Scheduling/Payroll Coordinator/Customer Support (Former Employee) says

"Had a great management team. Though getting numbers for each day was a main priority they still tried to incorporate fun things to do to keep up moral. The most enjoyable part of the job was interacting with my colleagues. And even though our department has been eliminated we still get together for lunch etc.Different occasional parties, free lunches, gifts given at ChristmasMy whole department eliminated"

cust care (Former Employee) says

"This has got to be the most unorganized company ever. They change methods on a daily basis and then yell at you for not knowing. When you ask your supervisor anything they don't know or will tell you to go on this website and find it. Really? My customer is having to sit on hold while I must go read material that may or may not have the answer. The care dept is the one that speaks directly with customers but are the least trained. My supervisor even told me "act like you know the answer even if you don't". Wow great management. And for a customer to disconnect services is purely a nightmare. Like what co expects their customers to know they must complete a specific disco form to submit. And no wonder so many businesses are going with other carrriers. The cust service IS terrible but as a prev employee I can say I sometimes felt like they were trying to get rid of customers. They are too worried about stats and how many calls you took each day. And if you were on a call too long you would hear about it. They have migrated other co over which have different programs and some of us received no training and begged for help and access due to we had to get another agent that had access to help us which of course made for a long call that we got in trouble for. I have soo very much that would blow your mind but I can only say do NOT take this service or work there. Either way will give you nothing but grief.healthcareunorganized and works under "the good ole boys" mentality."

Help Desk Analyst I (Former Employee) says

"Poor Training ... no pay raises ... do NOT like free thinking. If you are looking for work desperately grab the check but trust me they only pay 12 an hour LOL and they want you to perform like you were paid 30 an hour. They will cut you down, talk you down and only care about the numbers. If you are applying to Buffalo position head this warning. The current management lead is a liar, has no backbone, and when presented with ideas to help turns the other cheek. They care ONLY about the numbers not the individuals. Yet they will bribe you with food ... and yet not raises ....Flexible dress attireMicromanagement HELL, Manipulative Staff, Management has no clue as to what the issue are that Help Desk Analyst are working"

IT Staff (Former Employee) says

"Earthlink is an ISP that is trying to be a full-service communications provider. But for a company that thinks it can be a strong IT services provider, it has a strange view of what it actually means to provide services. The IT staff has been cut, and many key functions have been outsourced to third party providers. The in-house customer service staff has also been cut with functions outsourced. Earthlink has far too many managers, and not enough people to actually do the work, The IT managers constantly complain about being overscheduled - yet they refuse to empower their direct reports to make decisions, so projects are hamstrung trying to find a window where 10 different managers can show up for meetings. Earthlink has good people, particularly in the trenches in IT and in the field. Management needs to get out of their way and let them do the job, and the executives should be getting rid of managers who aren't willing to let go rather than adding more.Some good people in the fieldUnfocused executive management, micromanagement in the trenches, limited understanding of the business they are in, old-boy network"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very bad management at all levels and changing policies and procedures daily and if you are doing your job you have NO time to read all the emails every day in regards to changes. The most unorganized place and if you ever ask for help from your supervisor they tell you to go out on this new website they created and look up the answer. Mostly I felt the sups didn't know either but wanted to make you feel stupid. Also, who has time to go read and search the inet while a customer is on hold? So much bad with this company it is difficult to list. Most important the employee turn over is unbelievable and they fire some for such made up reasons only to save the "chosen ones" from layoff. This company doesn't want people who try to do their job. Only the ones they choose as friends and party with sup. Not my cup of tea. So glad I no longer work there. Extremely stressful to the point of most having to be medicated just to show up and do their jobs. Sad but true. So just run. Trust me you will be glad you did.coffeestress and more stress. very unorganized and not at all stable with no job security"

Help Desk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Earthlink holds the M&T bank service desk contract. The manager is an egomainiac, lies to your face with witnesses and then denies everything. Management is out of touch with staff. Pay & Benefits are laughable. I had to work 6 12 hour days just to make ends meet, and not pick up medical coverage. Advancement doesnt happen. They continue to dump more work on you by adding the the service catalog. Level 2 technicians are doing level 1 work because they have a huge turn around in tier 1. Do not work at this place, living under a bridge and eating out of the garbage is a better lifestyle."

Switch Tech II/Sr Field Tech (Former Employee) says

"Started with Choiceone Communications in 2001, great company to work for, everyone nice and willing to work with you. Company merged with 2 other companies and became One Com, Poor mangement, no money, no raises and cut 401K match. Was bought out by ELB, was told everthing will be great, company moving in the right direction, all of the sudden was told on 2/25/13 that my position was being eliminated. They cut all techs in my area except for 3 ( 5 techs were cut in eastern pa alone ). I found a new and better job. Company will not survive the way they are doing business.Good moneyHigh stress, very unhappy customers. Management has no idea what they are doing."

Dennis says

"Two stars because I\'m trying to be fair. I\'ve been an Earthlink customer for more years than I can remember. Started as a dial-up customer, if that tells you anything. Eventually, I dropped their ISP service and went to strictly webmail service for which I pay $8.95 monthly. When that works the way it\'s supposed to, it\'s actually a pretty nice email service. However, lately (e.g. the last couple year, or so), especially now that they are migrating to what they call their new 2.0 version of webmail, the \"service\" has been extremely poor. I\'ve never had this many episodes of poor service with email and certainly never anything significant that lasted as long as this and as long as some other poor service episodes with any other email and/or ISP service I\'ve ever had. This includes my GMAIL email and another email & ISP service that I currently have. To anyone who may be reading this and doing research for which ISP and/or email service to subscribe to, I would say look to another provider. It\'s a real shame because Earthlink used to be a good company!"

Ed R says

"It's a horrible company that gives atrocious service. I live alone and before i agreed to their service i them exactly what the wifi load would be. One smart TV, iPhone, iPad, laptop. That's ít. My TV started buffering after the free cancellation period ended. They want you to reset your router everytime it buffers. I can't understand the service reps. And it's actually ATT service. And now, on Christmas day, i no service! DO NOT BUY."

Ali Choucair says

"Dealing with Earthlinks is an absolute nightmare: a customer servcie that is a combo of the worst senarios of wasting customers' time. On one day alone I spent 45 minutes being switched from one operator to another, repeatedly being told "you have the wrong line let me transfer you to the right people" etc... I cannot see how these people can stay in business ! The worst thing is when you are trying to make a point or ask a question they may not like they keep saying "I cannot hear you Sir". I think the State should investigate Earthlink's customer practices."

G. Baker says

"THIEVES!!!! $40 quickly turned to $80 for regular services. Then, after extremely sucky service, I moved & was told I would have to pay 2 $77 months of service AND ANOTHER $69 installation fee to be it. 2 different people told me it could be moved then a so-called supervisor comes in & says NO, it cannot & he was charging me a $200 cancellation fee even though they were cancelling & not me. They are thieves. Plain & simple."

Timbrukah says

"Horrible! Worst spam filters in the universe. No matter how many domains I block in my Blocked Senders List, within a few days, I am again slammed by dozens and dozens of spam messages from yet another domain than other providers have long since blocked. Is everyone in the security department asleep? Do they care if malware is loaded by on Earthlink users' systems by spammers from unblocked domain."

Kara B says

"Tried Earthlink Hyperlink for a mere week and it was a bad experience from day 2. First off, the sales rep told me over chat the incorrect installation price and I had to talk to two different representatives to get the quoted price which I was told would be refunded over the span of 3 months. Well they knew what they were doing because the service is absolutely horrible and I will never keep it for the span of three months. I've had it for one week and I'm done. I chatted and called tech support 5 times altogether. I was told I'd get speeds of 12 mbps but really that meant only 80% of that (seriously?), well, I was regularly getting less than 1 mbps. I would call, they would ask me to turn off the modem, restart the computer (eye roll), 'clear' their lines, and the speed would go up to 12 mbps. Immediately after ending the call the speed would be back down to less than 1. This happened twice in one day while only trying to use one device. Imagine a regular day when my husband is streaming Netflix, my daughter is gaming, and I'm listening to Pandora. I called to cancel, the process took 15 mins and I was initially told my monthly charge wouldn't be refunded although she eventually agreed to refund the $32.37. I'm still out the $69.99 install fee for a service I had for about a week and was abysmal the entire time, plus the time dealing with the install and customer service. At no time was the sales rep upfront about the actual speed I would get or that this would be using AT&T DSL lines (which I had tried before and knew was very slow) and gave me misinformation on top of that (I'll never see the refund for the difference in price on the install fee I was quoted). If anyone out there is thinking about using Earthlink--DON'T DO IT!!!"

Eitan Benjamin Feldman says

"I haven't yet received my modem yet and I know this is going to be a nightmare. I purchased my 4G internet service about a week ago, and on a Saturday, put in an order for two day delivery, which to you and me, means Tuesday, even Wednesday delivery. I called on Wednesday to see what was up, their answer was that it hadn't even shipped! I was ready to cancel my order and the guy I was talking to was not budging, he didn't even want to talk to me, so I asked to talk to his manager who was friendly enough, but it took about 10 minutes of being on the line to talk to him. Oh yeah, they outsource their customer service, and you know what that means right? People that won't understand you, and you won't understand them, so count on your address being incorrect or your name to be incorrect or some such trouble. Hopefully some day my modem will arrive and when that happens, when and if, I will review my internet service, until then: Don't get Earthlink."

Wild says

"Very disappointing. I had them many years ago and they were awesome, now they stink. They didnt even try to troubleshoot my problem, just sell me a new modem."

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